/ Inspiration

The conception of We The Earth originated from recognising a clear link between our growing reliance on fast fashion and the pressing issues of climate change, pollution, and unfavourable working conditions.

No one wants to experience a guilt trip every time they get dressed in the morning. That's why we aim to contribute to the solution by elevating our ethical and sustainable practices in sourcing, manufacturing, and sales. To understand our decision-making process better, you can find more information here.

Our apparel has been designed to fit a multitude of lifestyles and personalities. We understand that clothes are personal – each of us holds our own set of attitudes and needs. No matter where you stand on the fashion spectrum, we are confident that our apparel will resonate with you.

/ Ethics

Our ethics is simple – we promote the importance of nurturing our planet while supporting the people who inhabit it. After all, our tagline is People x Change. Collectively, if we opt to make more considered choices, we’ll encourage a world of change.

Core to our mission and vision, we support and collaborate with like-minded talents from illustrators, designers, pattern makers, artists, stylists to photographers, these specialists are at the forefront of our collections. And the result? Well-made apparel with a minimalist influence and emphasis on refined detail. 

Most importantly, we value conscious manufacturing and are committed to creating a positive change in the fashion industry. Together, we can learn, innovate, and contribute ideas…everyone wins!