/ About The Founder

Growing up in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia, I became exposed to the social and economic disparity that pervades everyday life from an early age. The piles of waste in street corners, the litter-infested shorelines, the smoke-heavy skies still seem to be the most common sceneries that flash across my mind whenever I take a trip down memory lane.

My desire to explore possible answers for such troubling scenes led me to embark my academic journey in Social Science (Environment) in Melbourne, Australia. After years of studying and self-discovery, I discovered my passion in environmental education - in the hopes of empowering the young and old alike, to live a little greener every day.

There always lingers the temptation in thinking: what little I may do won't really make a difference.

But that isn't true, because of course, collectively, those little acts we all do add up to a whole lot!

I believe that if people, wherever they find themselves, make small, conscious changes in their lives, things will start turning around as we collectively change the face of the earth.

And one day, as I was reflecting on the 'sustainable' strides I had been making, I realised how great it felt to make these small, conscious changes.

My Patagonia tote bag gets a daily workout - thus reducing the amounts of plastic I use. I opt to walk in lieu of taking public transport, I evangelise my peers on how to recycle properly and bring my Frank Green reusable coffee cup everywhere I go.

I suddenly had a light bulb moment - but what about my wardrobe?

I see a gap in the market where everyday basics are either cheap but of poor quality or of better quality but unreasonably overpriced, discouraging people from wanting to do the right thing and, instead, steering them towards fast and cheap fashion. 

And that was when the idea for "We The Earth" was born.

Our mission is simple - we want to create high-quality products that people genuinely love wearing again and again, all the while keeping prices affordable and ensuring ethical manufacturing practices.

I hope you follow along the #WeTheEarthClub ride, and make these on-the-go basics something worth talking about!

Sally Tam-Hadi