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We The Earth is a conscious Australian label, born from passion by a father-daughter duo. Grounded in purpose, each decision we make is aimed at creating pieces that serve as an investment in timeless style and comfort, actively playing a part in shaping a better tomorrow.

We are dedicated to responsible manufacturing and proud of the proactive steps we take towards a cleaner future.

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Conscious Manufacturing

We pledge to make conscious decisions that mirror our ethical and environmental principles. Our hope is that this commitment serves as a source of inspiration as you navigate your own journey.

We don’t follow trends; instead, we create only what is necessary to minimise waste and the likelihood of generating unwanted items, because we are We The Earth, we are Conscious Manufacturing.

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Plastic-free Packaging

At the heart of our conscious manufacturing commitment lies our decision to avoid single-use plastics.

Our packaging is plastic-free, thoughtfully designed for reuse and repurposing, all with the utmost care to ensure the secure delivery of your product to your doorstep.

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