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As a young start-up brand, we are committed to being transparent with you. We will keep plodding and do the best we can towards a better, cleaner future by continuing to educate ourselves in these topics, challenging our own practices and those of our suppliers.

Join us in exploring our blog as we navigate on this conscious journey, one step at a time.

If you have any questions or ideas on how we can make We The Earth much kinder to the planet, please send us a message here. We are dedicated to improving our processes as we craft our story!

In our attempt to reduce our impact on the environment, we do not offer next day delivery or express shipping. Instead, we offer green shipping, which may take a little longer, but is considerably better for the planet.

We ship out orders once a week, on Friday.

We encourage you to consider the environment before making a return. Our team are here (“link to “Contact Us” page) – website to help you make the right choice, first time round! We provide clear dimensions, sizing, and real-life product photography every time so rest assured, what you see is what you get!

Should you still wish to make a return, a small fee will apply. Please refer to the refunds and exchanges policy (“link to “Returns & Exchanges” page) – website for more information.

As our warehouse is based in Perth, all products will be dispatched from Australia.

We The Earth aspire to produce not just timeless products but also pieces that withstand the test of time. Our aim is for every purchase to be a lasting investment, offering enduring style and comfort to our valued customers.

When designing each piece, we thoroughly evaluate the following questions:

  1. Is it timeless? Will the design remain relevant and stylish for years to come?
  2. Does it offer versatility? Can it be easily styled and paired with various outfits?
  3. Is it comfortable and wearable? Will it provide a pleasant experience for the wearer?
  4. What materials should we use? Are they eco-friendly, and of high quality?
  5. Is the construction durable and sturdy? Will the piece withstand frequent use and washing?
  6. Will it bring joy and satisfaction to our customers?

We use organic cotton as our preferred fabric list because it is breathable, softer, and more durable compared to conventional cotton. The lack of chemical processing results in heightened comfort and a longer-lasting product.

It is also typically free from residues of harmful chemicals, making them a safer and more hypoallergenic option for the wearer, especially those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

We design garments with a mindful approach, carefully considering fabric width, length, and cuttable measurements to utilise materials efficiently, particularly during the pattern making phase. Our focus is on creating strong stitching, precise cuts, and durable seams to guarantee the longevity and endurance of our products.

To minimise wastage, particularly in the context of embroidery film usage, our skilled digitisers ensure that embroidery designs are digitised accurately and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary revisions and film reprints. Whenever possible, we also reuse embroidery film for similar designs without compromising the design's integrity and aesthetic appeal.

As a conscious brand, we want to address a common question we often receive: "How can you be 100% sure your fabrics were produced in a manner that was respectful of people and our planet?"

Well, this is the shocking truth: there are no such labels as 100% ‘sustainable’, ‘non-toxic’, ‘green’, ‘eco-friendly’, ‘clean’ or ‘ethical’ fabric. It can be subjective and vary based on different criteria and perspectives.

What sets We The Earth apart is our commitment to conscious decisions and responsible practices. We are dedicated to ensuring that every decision we make is carefully considered and aligned with our values of ethical production.

We understand that we cannot please everyone, but we always stick to our guns and believe in doing the right thing – that is being well informed, standing up for others, and giving credit where credit is due. We are transparent about our efforts, progress, and challenges, and we invite our customers to join us on this journey towards a more conscious and responsible fashion industry.

The good news is we take pride in our small team's patient approach and dedication to ensuring transparency in our supply chain. We understand the importance of knowing the origins of our fabrics, and that's why we invest time and effort conducting interviews, challenging, researching, and building strong relationships with each of our suppliers, all to gain insights into their sourcing practices and production methods. While most of our fabrics come with certifications, we acknowledge that these certifications may not be entirely fault-free or align perfectly with everyone's individual idea of what is considered 'sustainable.'

To address this concern, we do not solely rely on certifications but also evaluate other essential factors such as the environmental impact, ethical labor practices, and the overall social responsibility of our suppliers. By doing so, we aim to make informed decisions that reflect our commitment to sustainability.

We understand the challenges and limitations that come with obtaining certifications in the textile industry. The certification process can be costly and resource-intensive, making it difficult for many small-scale textile producers and suppliers to achieve formal certifications.

Our suppliers, much like us, are also small, family-owned businesses, who share our values and commitment to conscious production. While some of our suppliers may not have formal certifications, they demonstrate a genuine dedication to creating positive change within the fashion industry. We prioritise building rapport with our suppliers, getting to know them personally, and understanding their practices and values firsthand.

At We The Earth, we are proud to say the products we craft are of quality and standards.

We have fostered strong partnerships with small, independent, family-owned seamsters, and manufacturers located across Indonesia and Australia. These talented individuals are not merely suppliers; they are integral members of our team. We believe in treating each worker in the supply chain with respect, fairness, and dignity.

We ensure that our customers can trust the quality and authenticity of our items, knowing that they are made with care and consideration for both people and the planet.

These are several reasons why we choose to collaborate with independent seamsters and family-owned small manufacturers:

  • Low MOQs – small-scale manufacturers are typically more accommodating to lower MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) compared to larger factories that might have strict production volume requirements. This is beneficial for We The Earth, as it allows us to produce smaller batches of products, reducing inventory risk and providing more room for experimentation with new designs or limited edition collections. By collaborating with small manufacturers with lower MOQs, we can maintain better control over our inventory and respond more effectively to customer demand and market trends.
  • Support small businesses – when we work directly with independent seamsters, we are supporting like-minded entrepreneurs. The contagious spirit of entrepreneurship enables us to positively impact the lives of real people, empowering them with beneficial economic prospects.

  • Quality craftsmanship - small-scale manufacturers and independent seamsters often possess specialised skills and craftsmanship that result in high-quality products. Their attention to detail and dedication to their craft ensure that our products meet the highest standards.

  • Environmental considerations - smaller manufacturers typically have a lower carbon footprint compared to larger factories. Local production can reduce transportation distances and promote more responsible supply chains.
  • Transparency  our relationship with our partners goes beyond the ‘I Made Your Clothes’ campaign. Our conversation goes a little deeper. We foster a transparent and honest space, creating a level of trust and connection. 

We embrace slow textile production, eschewing mass production practices. We craft our products thoughtfully, creating only what is necessary to minimise waste and the likelihood of generating unwanted items.

Our Founder has zero chill when it comes to single use plastics!

It is our responsibility as a business to make sure how our packaging for you is going to end up – if it is going to be disposed properly, or if it is going to be recycled and used again.

Since we offer worldwide shipping, we understand that different countries have different waste sorting system, which means our packaging may end up as a waste if it cannot be re-used or recycled properly – and we want to avoid that!

Our diplomatic solution: using fewer materials in our products.

  • No hang tags  – we have made a conscious decision to avoid using hang tags for our products. We believe that hang tags are often unnecessary and frequently end up being discarded shortly after a purchase. By eliminating hang tags, we are reducing unnecessary waste and minimising our environmental footprint.

  • Plastic-free cover – your products will be sent to you packaged with tissue paper or 100% calico cotton drawstring bag which you can repurpose or put anything when you go for traveling! Calico is an unbleached, unfinished natural fabric made from cotton making it a biodegradable material that will compost easily.

  • Plastic-free tape – our tape is printed with soy-based inks on 100% recycled FSC certified paper. 

  • Plastic-free stickers - our stickers are printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified premium paper with a non toxic adhesive.
  • Plastic-free packaging – you can make your purchase knowing that our recycled cardboard box or kraft mailer can be disposed of responsibly in the recycling bin or repurposed for various other uses.

  • Eco-friendly shipping labels – the first of their kind in Australia, our labels are made to be industrially compostable, FSC certified, BPA Free and EN13432 compliantThese shipping labels can be broken down in home compost too, all you need is to toss it to the worms!

We believe in educating our customers about knowing the terms correctly as we know it could be confusing when it comes to ‘biodegradable’, ‘compostable’ or ‘bioplastics’. To read more, click here

In our attempt to reduce our impact on the environment, we do not offer next day delivery or express shipping. Instead, we offer green shipping, which may take a little longer, but is considerably better for the planet.

We ship out orders once a week, on Friday.

As our warehouse is based in Perth, all products will be dispatched from Australia.

Please refer to the Shipping & Delivery policy for more information.