3 Easiest Ways To Become A Conscious Shopper

3 Easiest Ways To Become A Conscious Shopper

Written By: Isabelle Drury

Embarking on a conscious consumption journey is a transformative step towards a more conscious and mindful way of living–in a world awash with choices, each one holds the potential to shape the world around us. 

Read on to explore our 3 top tips that are indispensable when it comes to ditching fast fashion and exploring the world of conscious shopping. 

/ Be savvy

Immerse yourself in the world of ethical fashion. Understand terms like "fair trade," promoting ethical labour practices, "organic," indicating eco-friendly materials, and "carbon footprint," gauging environmental impact. 

Keep an eye out for greenwashing and sneaky brands, just because something is labelled “sustainable” or “green” doesn’t mean it actually is. If you don't know where to begin, browse Good On You’s directory to find the true sustainability rating of a brand. 

This knowledge empowers you to curate a wardrobe that reflects your conscious choices while supporting a more responsible fashion industry.

/ Be aware

Reflect on your own fashion consumption habits. Are you guilty of retail therapy? Do you browse online fashion stores when you’re bored? Look back on your most recent purchases, why did you buy these items, and what types of things do you gravitate towards? 

This introspective can provide you with a holistic understanding of your fashion journey. It sheds light on whether your choices align with your values and the impact they have on the environment and society. Are you opting for timeless pieces that withstand trends, or do you find yourself succumbing to fast fashion's allure?

This is a great step towards cultivating a mindful and responsible fashion narrative that not only reflects your personality but also contributes positively to a more conscious world.

/ Be mindful

Mindful shopping means reaching for products only after you have considered their environmental impact, ethical practices, and longevity. The mindful shopper favours durable items, prioritising needs over wants, aiming for durable, quality items for a more sustainable future.

When practising mindful shopping, we encourage you to ponder the following questions with each new (or preloved) piece you add to your wardrobe. 

  • Is it timeless? Will the design remain relevant and stylish (to you) for years to come?
  • Does it offer versatility? Can it be easily styled and paired with various items in your wardrobe?
  • Is it comfortable and wearable? Will it provide a pleasant experience for you on the day-to-day?
  • What materials is it made from? Are they eco-friendly, and of high quality?
  • Is the construction durable and sturdy? Will the piece withstand frequent use and washing? (It’s also important to think about whether you will follow the piece’s washing instructions. When was the last time you actually visited a dry cleaner?)
  • Will it bring joy and satisfaction to your life?

These are the exact same questions we ask ourselves at We The Earth when designing our collections. Our aim is for every purchase to be a lasting investment, offering enduring style and comfort to our customers.


Step into the world of mindful shopping, where each decision resonates with purpose. Here at We The Earth, we craft collections with these ideals, aiming for each piece to be an investment in lasting style and comfort, resonating with your values and contributing to a better tomorrow.